Some background about me - and why the website was created

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    Welcome to Nutrition In A Shake - and a little about me

    Contact Details

  • Phone: +61 (3) 9748 2671
  • Cell: +61 (0) 420 76 22 18
  • Email: john@johndhammill
  • Skype: JHAMMILL1211

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. In May 2005, I was luckily introduced to a nutraceutical science company and their exceptional products

  • Prior to being a "daily nutrition shaker" I had a persistent problem with acidosis/heartburn. I suffered maybe 4 to 5 attacks weekly, and I regularly popped antacid pills

  • Every spring, severe hay fever was bad and I needed medications/antihistamines on almost a daily basis.

  • My chloresterols were high, around 7.7/8.0, and I was unable to take statins (Lipitor etc)

  • After 3 days on the shakes I have been free of any recurrence of the acidosis/heartburn ever since

  • My allergic response is way less severe than it ever was, and I only rarely need just a nasal spray.

  • Last blood tests done, my chloresterols are both down to 5.4.

    I have been medication-free these past 5 years, my overall health and well-being is better than it was 20 years ago,and I will always maintain the daily nutrition habit with these "amazing shakes " - It's my very best and most economical health insurance option

    Mid-2010, a good friend told me about a $300 website package, that provides all I need for LEARNING and DEVELOPING my own website.

    (www.Solo Build I have quietly been working on my own, building this site. With my key site focus ranking number 1 on Google, that's how you have arrived here.

    Send me your details please, and I will respond with further information

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