Cardiovascular Disease Is The Number One Killer on The Planet.

Cardiovascular Disease - Preventitive Measures through Dietary Fiber and Soy Protein Nutritional Supplementation

The Centers for Disease Control report that the probability of a child born today eventually dying from cardiovascular disease is close to 50 percent. Such a staggering statistic is even more troubling considering that the major risk factors for CVD are almost entirely controllable.

In fact, the body’s unique chemistry is specifically designed to counteract the very factors that lead to CVD.

Unfortunately, the average diet lacks the nutrients necessary for the body to perform these life-saving biochemical processes

Poor diet does not have to be a death sentence

  • Numerous scientific studies and repeated clinical trials show that targeted nutritional supplementation is a safe, effective way to manage, avoid and even reverse the effects of CVD

    Another critical link in the heart-health chain is coenzyme Q10 , which has been proven to protect against the oxidation damage emanating from fats and chloresterol. This potent coenzyme has a critical role in the prevention & fight against heart disease and CVD

  • Heart disease is no longer just a concern of the middle-aged and elderly. Risk factors are appearing earlier as our youth become more overweight and more sedentary.

  • The time to begin a proactive nutritional heart health program is now, for young and not-so-young alike.

    If all forms of major CVD - a range of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels were eliminated, people’s life expectancy would rise almost seven years.

    While there are several risk factors for heart disease, five key factors account for a bulk of CVD cases

  • Smoking: Cigarette smokers have a two- to three-fold greater risk of dying from heart disease.

  • High total blood cholesterol levels: A 10% decrease in total cholesterol levels can result in a 30% reduction in heart disease.

  • High blood pressure: around 70% of people who have a first heart attack have high blood pressure. High blood pressure reduces overall life expectancy by about five years.

  • Diabetes & Blood sugar Management : At least 65% of people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.

  • Obesity/Overweight : Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease and can raise cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also induce diabetes

    Sources: American Heart Association, Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2008 Update

    Cardiovascular Disease to Dietary Fiber product

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