Coq10 Is A Coenzyme & Is Vital For The Body's Internal Chemical Reactions

coq10( or Coenzyme Q10) is an antioxidant, helping in cancer prevention and preventing cardiovascular disease

Coenzyme Q 10

  • Is a type of compund known as Quinone

  • Is also known as Ubiquinone

  • Is found in all plant and animal cells

  • CEs are vital for the body's internal chemical reactions, the processes that keep the body alive.

  • CEs are essential for Enzymes to function, and they are the non-protein element that combines with the protein element- The result? A full, complete enzyme.

  • Energy production in the body- All the food and nutrients that you ingest go through a complex process which produces "free energy" - and this free energy produces ATP ( adenosine triphosphate)

    coq10 is vitally important, being essential for the creation of ATP

  • ATP is available in the body in very limited amounts. As such, it must be constantly produced, from the energy stored, which in turn comes from the food and nutrients you absorb.

  • coq10 acts as an antioxidant

  • Helps in cancer prevention

  • Helps reduce cancer risk, and aids the body's defences against colds and influenza

  • Helps protect against Cardiovascular Disease ( CVD)" and heart disease

    Antioxidants have a capability to intercept and destroy
  • "free radicals" see cancer prevention

  • It has been proven to protect against the oxidation damage of Fats & Chloresterol

  • Fats and chloresterol contribute in a very large way to CVD ( CardioVascular Disease)

  • It combines well with Vitamin E, another antioxidant
  • It may well have a critical role in the prevention of, & fight against, heart and cardiovascular disease,-the number one killer on the planet
  • It is found in high levels in the heart and heart-muscles

    Hence any deficiency affects the heart's performance, as the heart is the most active and energetic organ in the body

    Medical research & the medical profession are now agreed that intake of this critical CE, by way of effective vitamins & Minerals supplements, is extremely helpful in the treating or preventing of a number of diseases including the assisting in the anti-ageing process- see product

    " Karl Folkers has done a long-term study of Coq10 and it's usefulness in clinical cardiology. Over an 8-year period, he and his team treated some 420 patients with various forms of CVD by adding coenzyme Q10 in amounts ranging from 75 to 600Mg daily to their existing treatment plans.....the patients were followed for an average 18 months. The researchers evaluated clinical response according to the New York Heart Association (NYHA) scales- and found significant improvements in ALL the patients.

    Out of 424 patients, 58% improved by one NYHA class, 28% by two classes.

  • The researchers concluded that coenzyme Q10 is a safe and effective treatment for a broad range of CVDs, often in combination with other medications, as
  • - it produces improvement in a variety of symptoms and reduces medication needs" source Nicola Reavley, Coenzyme Q10 2003

    For more clinical results

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