The Digestive System Plays A Critical Role In The Body's Food Processing System

The Digestive System is an intricate food processing system within the body

  • Acid Reflux-heartburn is a commonly occurring condition, well controlled through proper nutrition and supplementation.

  • Improper balances between good and bad bacteria contribute to in-balances in the stomach. Probiotics is the processed nutritional solution which corrects these in-balances and assists in the proper synergy with all the key organs ( Liver, pancreas, Gall Bladder etc.,)

    There are a number of illnesses and conditions relating to the body's absorption process, dietary fiber and Vitamin Supplements

  • Esophagus, including: Achalasia, Bleeding Varices,Candida, Caustic Injury, Esophageal Ring & Web,Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or Acid Reflux -Heartburn, Herpes Esophagitis, Medication-Induced Esophagitis, Neurogenic Dysphagia,Scleroderma, Stricture
  • Stomach,including: Gastritis,Peptic Ulcer,Stomach Cancer (Gastric Cancer),Gastrinoma
  • Small Intestine, including: Crohn's Disease,Bowel Obstruction, Diverticulitis, Lactose Intolerance ( see supplements ),Short Bowel Syndrome

    Dietary fiber contributes in a major way to ensure that correct balances and functionality occur in the small and large intestines.

  • For more detailed information on dietary supplements which alleviate these digestive problems, go to products

    Many of these are Patented,and are hence quite unique

    Digestive System to Product Range

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