Glycemic Index and Diet- Low GI Foods

The Glycemic Index(GI) - The Diabetes Epidemic, Healthy Heart-Smart Eating and Diet

Not all carbohydrate foods are created equal. In fact they behave quite differently in our bodies.

  • The GI ranks or prioritizes this difference according to carbs and their effect on our blood sugar levels. If you focus on low GI carbohydrates(ie ones that produce only small fluctuations in your blood glucose and insulin levels) then that is the secret to long-term health.

  • You reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease CVD and diabetes - and that is the key to sustainable weight loss.

  • Foods that have a high GI score contain rapidly digested carbohydrate, which produces a large rapid rise and fall in the level of blood glucose. In contrast, foods with a low GI score contain slowly digested carbohydrate, which produces a gradual, relatively low rise in the level of blood glucose.

  • Recent scientific evidence has shown that individuals who followed a low-GI diet over many years were at a significantly lower risk for developing both type 2 diabetes & to diabetes management)), coronary heart disease than others.

  • High blood glucose levels or repeated "spikes" following a meal may promote these diseases by increasing oxidative stress to the vasculature and also by the direct increase in insulin levels" Wikipedia 9/7/10

    Glycemic Index to Blood Sugar Management

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