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  • "Regarding Joint Arthritis, there is no known cure for arthritis," the chief scientist & Executive Vice President of the manufacturer, and leading nutraceutical food company,stressed.

  • "Traditional products on the market simply treat the symptoms, such as pain, and often provide side effects. In stark contrast, this product is a functional food that focuses on the source of the problems.

    It is the ideal method for caring for joints and fighting problems associated with degenerative joint conditions, all with no known side effects."

  • For several years, Arthred has been widely used by thousands of Joint Arthritis sufferers and athletes in Germany, where the protein-based substance has been the subject of double-blind, parallel group clinical trials by some of Europe's leading researchers.

    Involving hundreds of participants suffering from Joint Arthritis, stiffness, weakness, sensitivity to cold weather, exercise pain, fatigue, night pain, swelling:
  • -the studies demonstrated significant improvement in each area among those whose daily regimen included 7 to 10 grams of Arthred. Improvement generally is noticed in one to three months

    It is available as a tasteless, odorless powder which can be mixed with any beverage, is described by the company as "a protein derived from the enzymatic hydrolyzation of collagen.

    It consists of a series of 19 amino acids joined in chains by peptide bonds. These same amino acids comprise the framework of human cartilage, and are required for its generation."

  • Because it has been clinically reported to nutritionally support healthy joint function, it is recommended not only for those with severe joint conditions, but also for athletes, joggers, walkers and others who experience constant wear and tear on their joints.

  • It also has been shown to have a direct positive effect on the endurance and long-term condition of joints

    "The product is a functional food , a new area that explodes with promise as medical professionals, scientists, and the largest food companies in the world recognize the ability of certain foods to affect not just our overall health, but specific functions of our bodies

    TESTIMONIAL- Brighter Days Ahead

    Life is a lot better for Carol B and her husband, David, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, since they discovered these products.

    Carol was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and Joint Arthritis in 2007 and lived with chronic Joint Pain. She couldn’t sleep at night and could only navigate stairs using a cane

    Later, she was also diagnosed with osteopenia, diverticulosis and adrenal failure. “I was to the point that David had to help me get out of bed,” she recalls.

    Carol says she noticed big changes after only two weeks on the products. “I was sleeping better at night, walking better and getting out of bed with ease,” she says. “And I have more energy. More importantly, I have very little discomfort in my joints and can get through my day.”

    David also had good news. In addition to sleeping better at night, he’s lost 14 pounds and his allergy symptoms and problems with constipation have cleared up. “We are so grateful for these amazing products ,” Carol says

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