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How vitamins and minerals work- Nutrition Information continued

  • Molybdenum -Converts the air we breathe

  • Phosphorus- Needed for blood clotting, cell growth and repairs, contraction of the heart muscle, normal heart and kidney function

  • Silicon- Used for bone formation, needed to maintain healthy arteries, plays a major part in prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer's and osteoporosis, stimulates Immune System

  • Calcium

    - Needed for bone and teeth growth, bone density - and the avoidance of Osteoporosis

    Women should make sure they are getting 1200mg or more of calcium daily.

    Surprisingly, the cause of Osteoporosis is not necessarily inadequate calcium. It may instead be caused by calcium loss from five calcium wasters:

  • Animal protein- Studies show that a high ratio of animal to vegetable protein increases bone loss. Replace animal protein with protein from sources like beans, legumes, soy protein shakes, grains and vegetables

  • Sodium- Postmenopausal women should decrease sodium intake to 2 grams daily to improve skeletal strength

  • Caffeine- Amounts over 300 mg accelerate bone loss, so keep caffeine intake on the low side

  • Tobacco- Smoking, even passive smoke from cigarettes, causes calcium loss through the kidneys. Long term smokers have 10 percent weaker bones.

  • Sedentary lifestyle- Exrecise helps keep calcium in your bones. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day, including weight-bearing and strength-training.

  • Chromium- Helps to maintain blood sugar levels, (see diabetes epidemic, & the circulatory system

  • Copper-Bone formation, Blood Cell production, deficiency can lead to anemia, inflammation and arthritis

  • Iron- Supports growth and development in youth, needed to produce hemoglobin and a healthy immune system

  • Magnesium- Highly involved in energy levels and production, can help prevent depression, dramatic effect in preventing birth defects, see Pregnancy nutrition, involved in blood sugar metabolism & energy maintenance

  • Manganese- Needed for Protein and fat metabolism, healthy nervous & immune system, used in formation of cartilage

  • Potassium- Healthy functioning of nervous system, supports heart function, helps prevent strokes, important for stable blood pressure

  • Selenium- Vital antioxidant,, especially when combined with vitamin E, protects immune system by preventing build-up of free radicals - see cancer prevention

  • Vanadium-Needed for cellular metabolism, required for bone and teeth formation

  • Zinc- Important in prostate function, growth of reproduction organs, required for protein synthesis and collagen formation, promotes healthy immune system, aids wound healing, protects liver from chemical poisoning, combines with vitamin E for proper blood health, supports the immune system, involved with protein digestion

  • CELLS- New research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Information shows daily Vitamin Supplements users had cells with a younger biological age versus non-users. It found vitamins C and E were especially beneficial nutrients in keeping cells “young.”

  • BONES-Keeping bones strong is a lifelong endeavor. A new study from Canada found postmenopausal women receiving a combination of the antioxidants vitamins C and E through Vitamin Supplements along with resistance exercise, didn’t have any bone loss during a six-month period, while women receiving a placebo did experience detrimental bone loss. Powerful Nutrition Information.

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