Nutrition Information -Why It's Absolutely Essential to Supplement Our Diet

"Nutrition information shows conclusively that, because of our depleted food chain, insufficient Vitamin Supplements intake is apparently a cause of chronic disease in our current world.

Most people do not consume an optimal amount of ALL vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults and youths to take nutritional Supplements"

American Medical Association

  • Nutrition Information records that 72% of all physicians personally use vitamin supplements.
  • 73% of cardiologists believe a regimen of healthy diet, Vitamin Supplements, and exercise is essential for a healthy heart.
  • 72% of cardiologists recommend nutrition to their patients and 57% take multivitamins themselves

    Supplements usually focus on prevention, not disease treatment- so sometimes it’s harder to measure. However, the Nurses’ Health Study USA that has been following 100,000 nurses since 1976 has produced many interesting results.

    The study showed women who took vitamin E for at least two years have a 40 % lower risk of heart disease

    Summary of vitamins & minerals

  • VITAMIN A - Prevents skin conditions, ache, wrinkling-enhances immune system, maintains & repairs mucous membranes

  • VITAMIN B COMPLEX- These vitamins, taken in protein powder shakes, enhance memory, concentration, judgment, learning capacity, prevents mental deterioration, nervous system, anti-stress. Lowers cholesterol, improves circulation, necessary for healthy sleep patterns.

  • VITAMIN B12- To maintain brain and memory function as you age, and hearing capability, make sure you’re getting enough B12. A British study found people with the lowest levels of B12 lost brain volume at a faster rate over five years than those with the highest levels.

    It can be tricky to get enough B12 because some medications can interfere with B12 absorption. Culprits include acid-blocking drugs and some diabetes medications.

  • VITAMIN C- Essential, are an Antioxidant, protect against harmful effects of pollution, cancer, infection and enhance immunity. Work with Vitamin E & beta-carotene to create a more potent antioxidant effect

  • VITAMIN D Studies have linked Vitamin D Deficiency to increased risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, and periodontal disease. All of these have been linked to some degree to increased risks for dementia.

    55% of patients with Parkinson's disease had insufficient levels of vitamin D, compared to 36 and 41% for healthy people and patients with Alzheimer's disease respectively, according to a study of 300 people.

    Nutrition Information supports that these Supplements support bone & teeth function and thyroid function. Very important for the growth and development of bones and teeth in children. Important in the prevention and treatment of breast & colon cancer, osteoporosis. Enhance immune system.

  • VITAMIN E- An antioxidant, is shown by Nutrition Information and research as critically important in cancer prevention & reducing risk of heart disease. Retards aging, improves circulation, reduces blood pressure. Promotes healthy skin & hair.

  • OMEGA 3-Essential fatty acids like omega 3 that contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) plus eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are vital Supplements to the body’s normal development and function, especially for the brain and eyes.
    Omega 3 deficiencies are linked to decreased memory and mental abilities, tingling sensation of the nerves, poor vision, diminished immune function, heart attacks, cancer, insulin resistance, asthma, lupus, schizophrenia, depression, postpartum depression, accelerated aging, stroke, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Omega- 3 deficiency is considered to be one of the major causes of degenerative disease and decline in brain functionFor products loaded with Omega 3 click here

  • GINKO BILOBA- Shown to help enhance mental alertness and improve memory, concentration and cognitive function in healthy people. Also helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation to the brain and other tissues of the body. May also assist in the management of anxiety or stress and is an effective antioxidant.

  • Coenzyme Q10- Coenmzymes are essential for enzymes to function. CoQ10 has been proven to protect against the oxidation damage caused by fats and chloresterol - as they each contribute in a large way to ( heart disease and CVD or Cardiovascular Disease)

  • BETA-CAROTENE- Nutrition Information proves that Vitamin A is an essential supplement for good health, for eyes and skin, immune function, reproduction and bone growth. It is converted by the body into vitamin A.

    These vitamin-supplements help with cell growth. Also is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help prevent chronic diseases and play a role in anti-aging. See cancer prevention

    Here Is Some More Nutrition Information

    Nutrition Information to the Product range

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