Child Obesity And The Need For Optimum Kids Nutrition

On child obesity, the need for optimal nutrition and kids nutrition is critical to restore proper healthy growth and development, and to avert overweightedness in our youth

The incidence of child obesity (See Obesity Facts) and overweight kids in the PreTeen and teenage period is alarming

Sadly, many children today don’t receive adequate amounts of key vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients- enter Kids Nutrition

  • A quality balanced vitamin/mineral supplement is a simple way to ensure children of all ages receive the nutrients their bodies need at every stage of growth and development.

  • The kids product has been especially designed for youngsters , and provides an optimal array of vitamin, minerals, soy protein and micro-nutrients in a great-tasting shake that PreTeen and teenage kids just love.

    Anyone who has tended a garden knows that the right combination of nutrients is essential to healthy, thriving plants. The same holds true for our children, whose growing bodies demand the right fuel for proper development

    Unfortunately, as families try to deal with ever-increasing pressures on their time, nutrition is taking a backseat to speed and convenience.

  • High fat, nutritionally questionable ready-to-eat and take-out meals are the favored choice for the family dinner table. In fact, studies show that just 38% of meals are actually “homemade.”

    Add to this the ramifications of a new style of eating created by sedentary kids preferring watching a flickering TV or computer screen to playing in the fresh air- and it’s clear to see why . obesity in our youth , and the incidence of overweight kids is on the rise.

    Grazing — the habit of eating whatever, whenever — can add 500-1,000 calories a day to a child’s diet. Sugary sodas can add another 200 calories per can. With teen boys drinking an average of three sodas per day, it’s no wonder our kids are getting fatter.

    We can change the course of our children's future by helping them to make healthy lifestyle choices now. With proper nutrition for kids, we can fortify their growing bodies with the nutrients they need.

    This will go a long way to prevent the catastrophic trend toward Childhood Obesity and the development of serious illnesses later in life. Kids nutrition plays an integral part in solving the "overweight children" epidemic.

    Healthy kids become healthy adults

    Child Obesity to Kids Nutritional Product

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