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Yes there is a home business opportunity

You owe it to yourself to have your questions answered about the benefits of accessing these products as a distributor. How much to join? Annual membership fees?

How much do I save on buying the products?

Send me your details & I will contact you promptly to explain what your wholesale entry level options are. It's as simple as "buy in bulk- save more!"

If you just want to be a happy consumer, that's fine!

There is a home business opportunity & extra income opportunity with the company and products detailed on our website should you choose to explore

  • If you just want to buy these exceptional products you can best do this by joining the club

  • There's a small annual membership fee. It's like joining your local Club

  • You get lifetime wholesale prices (so long as you renew your annual club membership)

  • Order products as and when YOU choose- NOT The company!!

  • No monthly Quotas

  • Products are delivered to your door step

    I don't know what could be any fairer. Who wants to pay full retail?

    The company is a Network Marketing OR Multi-Level Marketing OR Direct Sales company

    Typically, people like you and I hear about products from a friend, then the products are explained to us, and we may then choose to purchase products. Hence, a home business opportunity

  • You won't find these exceptional products on any supermarket or pharmacy shelves
  • If you don't hear about them from a neighbour or friend, the chances are you won't hear about them at all. Their products aren't mentioned on TV or billboards
  • The companies don't bother to advertise as their distributors ARE their advertising

    What are the features & benefits of Direct Sales?

  • The most efficient distribution method on the planet means you enjoy exceptional products at the most economical cost

  • No huge-budget "Tiger Woods type" advertising. Advertising budget goes to the distribution network, and to product research and enhancement. Products are exceptional, can be happily endorsed, with total assurance.

  • Products come with a 100% Money-back guarantee.

  • Advertising is word-of-mouth, from satisfied consumers.

  • No costly warehousing, logistics or "middle-man". Further enhancement of product economies for you, the end user.

  • All distributors are treated as equals. There is no discrimination on age, race, gender.

  • Promotion is a "personal" consideration"- ANYONE can be a distributor.

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    Home Business Opportunity to Products

  • What If...

    You could make a living through giving?
    You could reach out in kindness every day to others, celebrating their lives with pictures, gifts and the written word- and be able to make a great living doing it?

    That living provided you with a lifestyle of financial freedom for you and your family for decades to come?

    YOU CAN!!!

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  • Had more than $150 Million in Sales
  • Sent out over 50 Million Greeting Cards
  • Sent over 1 Million Gifts

    In the first quarter of 2010, this company:
  • Achieved a Sales Increase of 35% compared to minus 2.8% growth for the top 60 MLM Companies

  • Achieved orders processed growth of 31% compared to minus 3.0% for the top 60 MLM Companies

  • achieved new distributor growth of 16% compared to NIL growth for the top 60 MLM Companies

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