Soy Benefits Specific To Women

Research of Soy benefits has consistently shown that women with high consumption of soy foods had significantly reduced risk of breast cancer before menopause

Women’s Health & Soy Benefits

Past studies have raised concerns that some isoflavone compounds in soy could have retard effects on our body’s natural evolved killers of breast cancer.

There have even been rumors that soy could have a bad or negative effect on tamoxifen, a common drug treatment for patients with breast cancer.

But recent studies have concluded, consistently, regarding soy benefits, that soy protein has no negative effect on breast cancer risk or the potency or effects of tamoxifen

Soy and Breast Cancer

  • Large scale studies are suggesting that soy protein intake may actually lower rates of mortality, and indeed new cases of breast cancer.

  • A recent study printed in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed women who had the highest intake of soy protein (11 grams daily) had a 29 percent reduced risk of death and a 32 percent decrease in the risk of cancer recurrence compared to those who ate less than 5.3 grams daily.

  • According to new data published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, high intakes of SP during adolescence may reduce the risk of breast cancer before menopause by 40 percent

  • In addition, premenopausal breast cancer risk was reduced by 59 percent in adults with the highest soy protein intake, and by 56 percent in adults with the highest average isoflavone intakes

    Menopausal Symptoms

    Studies that examined SP consumption in perimenopausal women have found promising results and soy benefits. Preliminary research says that eating a diet rich in soy isoflavones may help lower the number and lessen the severity of hot flushes in some perimenopausal women.

    More than 40 clinical trials have examined the ability of soyfoods or isoflavone supplements to alleviate hot flash frequency and/or severity.(34-36)

    Although the results from these trials are inconsistent, they are sufficient to recommend that women try isoflavone supplements or soy foods for menopausal symptom relief. Furthermore, research has identified several reasons for inconsistent results:

  • Hot Flash Frequency: Women experiencing at least four to five hot flashes per day may be more likely to benefit than those who have only one or two hot flashes per day (34, 36 )

    Researchers concluded that women who consumed a high amount of non GM, proper soy foods or SP nutrition consistently during adolescence and adulthood had a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer before menopause

    In postmenopausal women, the phytoestrogens in soy protein powder may slow bone loss. In addition, many soy foods are high in calcium and contain magnesium and boron, which work together with calcium for better bone health
  • Researchers saw results with a significant intake of SP up to 40 grams a day

    Soy protein can be beneficial for both men and women’s cognitive and mental functions.

  • Researchers found SP isoflavones may improve cognitive function and mood, including depression, in post menopausal women.

    This may be due to soy’s weak estrogen like actions responsible for some mental functions. Soy may be a better option for psychological symptoms than hormone replacement therapy, which can increase risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

  • Researchers saw results with a significant intake of SP up to 40 grams a day. Soy protein can be beneficial for both men and women’s cognitive and mental functions.

    For men, soy lecithin can be better than a string tied around your finger. Soy isoflavones, taken daily, have been shown to boost men’s mental function and memory Scientists reported their findings in the British Journal of Nutrition
    One study indicated that women who ate the most soy products and other foods rich in isoflavones reduced their risk of endometrial cancer by 54%.

    A review of 38 controlled studies on soy and heart disease concluded that soy is effective for improving one’s cholesterol profile

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